Word of the Week: Stalwart

As in:

“It is difficult for modern Americans to fully understand the risks and sacrifices that Washington and the other Founders willingly accepted in order to mount a successful revolution. Today, a common perception of this epic struggle is that of a unified rebellion sweeping across 13 colonies with great spirit and boundless enthusiasm; a boisterous time of skirmishes, raids, and rallying cries during which most, if not all, of the period’s stalwart citizenry were active participants in the noble cause.” (Rees & Spignesi, 2007, p.39). 

Rees, J. C., & Spignesi, S. J. (2007). George Washington’s Leadership Lessons: What the Father of Our Country Can Teach Us About Effective Leadership and Character. Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley & Sons.

For definitions of stalwart, consult the Oxford English Dictionary.




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