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Word of the Week: Aleatoric

As in: “The aim of these experiments with aleatoric, nonintentional writing was not dismissing the author as such but surpassing the limits of creativity, overcoming personal perspectives by the intention and meaning of chance, nature, or in baroque the divine” (Simanowski, 2011, p.54).  

 Simanowski, R. (2011). Digital art and meaning: Reading kinetic poetry, text machines, mapping art, and interactive installations.  Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.  

 For definitions of aleatoric, consult the Oxford English Dictionary   



Word of the Week: Epistemological

As in: “And it doesn’t matter when the statement is made, never makes its/ cruel spin as it hunts down its dreaded fate. It must be quite attract-/ tive in the epistemological world, a being with dark, luminous eyes,/ the physique of a cat” (Harjo, 2002, p.143). 

Harjo, J. (2002). How we became human: New and selected poems: 1975-2001. New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company.

For definitions of epistemological, consult the Oxford English Dictionary.




Word of the Week: Serendipitous

As in:  “American social movements often divide over the question of whether to pursue a slow, laborious, incremental approach that involves seemingly endless inconsequential local victories and unsavory compromises, or whether to stick to principle and hope for that serendipitous yet rare political opportunity in which bold, national action is possible” (Goss, 2009, p.147). 

Goss, K. A. (2009). Disarmed: The missing movement for gun control in America. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

For definitions of serendipitous, consult the Oxford English Dictionary.


Word of the Week: Chanteuse

As in:

“Ever since Carol Diahann Johnson changed her name to Diahann Carroll and left the home of her middle-class parents in the mid-1950’s, she had been known as a ‘chic chanteuse’ and as a star very much in the mold that Lena Horne established in the 1940’s” (Feldstein, 2013, p.116).

Feldstein, R. (2013). How it feels to be free: Black women entertainers and the Civil Rights Movement. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.  

For definitions of chanteuse, consult the Oxford English Dictionary.


Word of the Week: Zeitgeist

As in: “As a result, an enthusiastically positive ‘zeitgeist’ developed around Regan that not only blunted most of the sharp humor aimed at him but also insulated him personally from serious charges of wrongdoing, particularly with regard to the constitutional abuses of the Iran-contra scandal during his second term” (Robinson, 2010, p.207). 

Robinson, P. R. (2010). The dance of the comedians: The people, the president and the performance of political standup comedy in America. Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press.

For definitions of zeitgeist, consult the Oxford English Dictionary.

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Word of the Week: Verisimilitude

As in: “Then, says Schopenhauer—and every lover will recognize the truth of this the unconscious ensures that its wishes are fulfilled in fantasy ‘with fairy-tales’, and it will deck these fairy tales out ‘so that they obtain an appearance of verisimilitude’”  (May, 2011, p.183)

May, S. (2011). Love: A History. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press

For definitions of verisimilitude, consult the Oxford English Dictionary.


Word of the Week: Cadre

As in: “Article after article described the emerging cadre of black pilots and officers integrated into the army, air force, and navy units as the vanguard of integration elsewhere in American life” (Phillips, 2012, p.146). 

Phillips, K. L. (2012). War! What is it good for?: Black freedom struggles & the U.S. military. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press.

For definitions of cadre, consult the Oxford English Dictionary.